Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Cat's Whiskers

Hi! Remember me? 

I know, I know, sorry I disappeared again for a wee bit but life put blogging on the back burner.

But here I am again, this time with a post about cats. Yes cats. The other night I found myself searching all my favourite websites for cat print/cat items (as you do). I think I have the gumption to become a crazy cat lady; I just need more cats.

Anyway if you don't like cats look away now, because here is the cat's meow of what I found!

ASOS turned out to be a bit of a cat lady's dream:

Well I didn't say that being a cat lady was going to be cheap.

How could you ever bear to use it? It has a top hat for Pete's sake!

I am also a huge fan of the illustrator Gemma Correll because she also loves cats. Ok, that's not the main reason she's also an amazing artist:

(20% off at the mo!)
15% goes to the Pablove Foundation for fighting childhood cancer.

Now onto Etsy. Etsy has so many wonderful cat inspired things it was difficult to know just what to select. 

I completely endorse this statement. 

And finally the ultimate cat lady attire so everyone knows just what you are:

I have become so obsessed by cat related stuffs that I have even dedicated a Pinterest board to the cause.

Will you be showing your love for cats for all the world to see anytime soon?

Madame Squirrel

P.S I'm selling some stuffs on Ebay (click the link to see them) as my phone decided to jump from my arms and smash its little face in. So why not have a look; I must warn you though none of the items have a cat in any shape or form on them.


  1. Although I don't think I'd ever have a cat as a pet, I do quite admire their ability to look as though they are plotting to take over the world