Monday, 28 May 2012

Spending Ban

So following my spectacular Stateside holiday and with moving in day with the Monsieur imminent, I am now on a strict, enforced spending ban.

I will most definitely, almost certainly NOT be buying any of these *strokes computer screen and sits on debit card*:


* Ideas Notebook by Sparrow Nest Script on Etsy.

Yes it's going to be tough but I have to do this. I need to make the most of the things I already own and stop lusting after the things I don't.

I'm quite looking forward to not endlessly trailing the new in sections of my bookmarked online stores and instead spending my time doing things that actually need doing, like sorting out my bursting wardrobe for one.

It's time for me to start appreciating the little (and free) things in life more and stop being so materialistic...I say this but you will probably find me a week from now standing in H&M stroking dresses while staring wistfully into space.

If any of you have any tips to help me achieve this spending ban (and prevent dress stroking) then please do comment below... I'm going to need all the help I can get!

Madame Squirrel.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award.

Cheeky Jo of Life In The Wendy House; a blog I feel very much at home at, nominated me for a versatile blogger award. 

Now I know this isn't an actual award but I am ever so thankful and happy that Jo liked my blog enough to tag me! 

If I could nominate you back Jo believe me I would. Please go and have a gander at Jo's blog instead of reading the ramblings of mine, it'll be a much nicer experience for you I promise. 

Anyway here are 7 random facts about me:

1) I can wiggle my eyebrows in time to music.

Unfortunately not as amazingly as in this Cadbury's advert:

2) I have a dream to work or at least volunteer with Kakapo's (they look like Victorian gentlemen).

Meet Sirocco the spokes bird, if you have some time you can read about him and other Kakapo's here.

To help preserve Kakapo's in the wild you can make a donation here.

3) Don't touch my toenails unless you want to be kicked in the face. 


4) I know all the words to 'Wild, Wild West', 'Miami', 'Gettin' Jiggy With it', 'Will 2K', 'Men In Black', 'Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)', 'Just The Two Of Us' and of course  'Summertime' and 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (extended version)'. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm a Will Smith/Fresh Prince fan, but then who isn't? 

I am ridiculously excited for MIB3

5) My cat is called Spice. I used to tell people he was named after the food stuff. Now on this day, I admit to you that he is named after the Spice Girls. I feel no shame anymore.

6) I know the latin names of a lot of common British birds. *insert sexist classist joke here*

I actually own this t-shirt by Tee & Cake 

7) I could do with a Wall's Calippo right about now.

Right here are the 5 blogs I nominate:

1) Bacon Tastes Nice
2) Chestnuts and Cedars
3) Electric Sunrise
4) Sleep Wake Hope
5) The Pampered Sparrow

I'm sure that the above blogs have already received this award numerous times over; but this is my way of saying that I really love your blogs and keep blogging what you're blogging!

Madame Squirrel

Thursday, 24 May 2012

And The Rest: Nashville + Raleigh


I'm you didn't even notice I was gone (I don't blame you). Jet lag has not been kind to me. She is a cruel mistress.

Anyway here are a few more snaps of my trip; with only three pictures of food! *please note that I consumed a lot more food than is shown in the aforementioned three pictures.

Nashville was:


Peaches at the Nashville Farmers' Market.

Fruity Cocktails.

Blackberry Pie at Merridee's Breadbasket (I also had the best club sandwich I have ever eaten).


We were so lucky to watch The Artist at this beautiful, community-run, historic cinema; The Franklin Theatre.

Smugness Inducing...

Most of our time spent in Nashville was on a wedding vendor hunt. Fingers crossed it looks like everything is coming together for our rustic, relaxed and non-traditional wedding. 

And A Lil' Bit Fishy...

Sushi at Wild Ginger ... if there was one restaurant that I could eat at for the rest of my days it would be here. 

Raleigh was:

Joyful (With Added Goats)...

Monsieur's cousin's goat farm wedding was quite simply, a perfect day. I felt really privileged to attend; it was wonderful to see two lovely people get married surrounded by so much love and support. There were big grins (and a few happy tears) all day long.

So there you have it. Glimpses of my American memories. Normal (I use the term 'normal' very loosely) blogging!

Also stay tuned for a little Americana giveaway just to show y'all some love!

Madame Squirrel.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Austin & Round Rock

Austin has been...

Edible (and artery restrictive)...

Salt Lick BBQ (in Round Rock)

Fry Baby's deep fried mac and cheese bites (worth it).

Whataburger's Patty Melt (Monsieur Squirrel's food of choice)


Denny's pancakes with bacon pieces (also worth it)

Magnolia Cafe's gingerbread pancakes.


This kind of heat demanded snowcones from The Frigid Frog.


Beautiful blooms in the very first Whole Foods Market

Cacti in the peaceful Zilker Botanical Garden


Admired uncommon OBJECTS colour co-ordinated vintage store.

Love Inducing...

Can't quite believe I'm about to put these pictures up on the internet...

We shared (I promise I didn't eat the whole thing) the Texas sized donut from Round Rock Donuts (had to be done).  


We also: * wandered down 6th street on Cinco de Mayo and soaked up the atmosphere (including visiting a store purely dedicated to hot sauce) * admired the love that Austinites' have for their pooches * shopped on S. Congress and had iced tea from Jo's and bought candy from Big Top * ate fish tacos and shrimp enchiladas at Guero's * watched the '5 Year Engagement' at Barton Creek Square.

We wish we'd had time to: * have a burger at Fran's  * watch a movie at the Alamo drafthouse cinema eat ice-cream at Amy's. But hopefully we'll be back again one day.

So yes. The holiday so far. I am only eating fruit & veg from now on (I really don't know who I'm trying to kid with that sentence).

I hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday back in Blighty and that everyone else not from Blighty also had a wonderful weekend. More photos to follow soon (hopefully with less fried food)...

Madame Squirrel.

Friday, 4 May 2012

I Want To Be In America

Today I go to the States. YES!

Things I'm looking forward to: Austin, Burgers, Lovely People, The Goat Farm Wedding, Twins (Monsieur has THE cutest twin cousins), BBQ (Salt Lick I'm coming for you), Sunshine, Wedding Planning, Mac & Cheese, Sephora, Everything Being Cheaper, Massive King Size Beds, Good Customer Service, Boating In Zinger Park, Nashville, Crab Dip & Chex Mix, Loveless Cafe Biscuits.

Things I'm not looking forward to: Possible Tornadoes, Thunder Storms, Doubling in Size.

I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

Anyway as I packed last night I took some photos of outfits I will be wearing to eat things in (doing this really helped me pack so I didn't bring clothes I don't need):

Travelling Outfit: Grey hoodie: massively old, originally from Target, Mustard tunic: Primark,  Leggings: New Look, Black Pumps: Primark.

Day time outfit: Navy T-shirt: H&M, Polka Dot Shorts: H&M, Tan Cut-Out Pumps: New Look (the comfiest shoes in the world) 

Day time outfit: Daisy Dress: H&M, Black Pumps: Primark

Day time outfit: Grey T-shirt: H&M, Black Polka Dot Skirt: H&M, Black Sandals: River Island - almost worn to death as they're so comfy.

Day Time Outfit (I may need leggings with this one): Polka Dot Dress: H&M, Tan Cut-Out Pumps: New Look

Evening Outfit: Black Camisole: H&M, Gold Lace Skirt: Rare via Topshop, Black Sandals: Primark

Evening Outfit: Grey Shirt: H&M, Body: New Look, Aztec Shorts: Forever 21, Comfiest Sandals Ever: River Island.

Rehersal Dinner Outfit: Lace Dress: H&M, Cream Scarf: Ralph Lauren Via TK Maxx, Mint Belt: Primark, Tan Wedges: H&M

Wedding Guest Outfit: Floral Jumpsuit: BHS, Scarf: Ralph Lauren Via TK Maxx, Tan Wedges: H&M

Do you know what really doesn't help when your floor looks like this?...

A spaniel who insists on getting involved....


Right I better go and run around like a mad thing whilst throwing things I really don't need into my suitcase (I hope Monsieur remembers the bag scales!)

While I'm away I'll be posting a visual diary of my trip so see you on the other side!

Madame Squirrel.