Friday, 4 May 2012

I Want To Be In America

Today I go to the States. YES!

Things I'm looking forward to: Austin, Burgers, Lovely People, The Goat Farm Wedding, Twins (Monsieur has THE cutest twin cousins), BBQ (Salt Lick I'm coming for you), Sunshine, Wedding Planning, Mac & Cheese, Sephora, Everything Being Cheaper, Massive King Size Beds, Good Customer Service, Boating In Zinger Park, Nashville, Crab Dip & Chex Mix, Loveless Cafe Biscuits.

Things I'm not looking forward to: Possible Tornadoes, Thunder Storms, Doubling in Size.

I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

Anyway as I packed last night I took some photos of outfits I will be wearing to eat things in (doing this really helped me pack so I didn't bring clothes I don't need):

Travelling Outfit: Grey hoodie: massively old, originally from Target, Mustard tunic: Primark,  Leggings: New Look, Black Pumps: Primark.

Day time outfit: Navy T-shirt: H&M, Polka Dot Shorts: H&M, Tan Cut-Out Pumps: New Look (the comfiest shoes in the world) 

Day time outfit: Daisy Dress: H&M, Black Pumps: Primark

Day time outfit: Grey T-shirt: H&M, Black Polka Dot Skirt: H&M, Black Sandals: River Island - almost worn to death as they're so comfy.

Day Time Outfit (I may need leggings with this one): Polka Dot Dress: H&M, Tan Cut-Out Pumps: New Look

Evening Outfit: Black Camisole: H&M, Gold Lace Skirt: Rare via Topshop, Black Sandals: Primark

Evening Outfit: Grey Shirt: H&M, Body: New Look, Aztec Shorts: Forever 21, Comfiest Sandals Ever: River Island.

Rehersal Dinner Outfit: Lace Dress: H&M, Cream Scarf: Ralph Lauren Via TK Maxx, Mint Belt: Primark, Tan Wedges: H&M

Wedding Guest Outfit: Floral Jumpsuit: BHS, Scarf: Ralph Lauren Via TK Maxx, Tan Wedges: H&M

Do you know what really doesn't help when your floor looks like this?...

A spaniel who insists on getting involved....


Right I better go and run around like a mad thing whilst throwing things I really don't need into my suitcase (I hope Monsieur remembers the bag scales!)

While I'm away I'll be posting a visual diary of my trip so see you on the other side!

Madame Squirrel.


  1. so jealous! have great time and your suitcase looks much more organised than mine would :P xx

  2. wow, have an amazing time. You some lush outfits packed! x

  3. Every home should have a spaniel to help with packing ;D xx
    Hope you're having the best time love! xx

  4. Great outfits, love all the polka dots! Have fun!!