Monday, 30 April 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report 8

Last week I: 
wore my lucky cat t-shirt... 

had my hair cut and coloured...

*this picture has been instagrammed like crazy

My hair, believe it or not, is actually meant to be blonder *sigh*. Even though the colour is not what I wanted, I've got used to it and I don't really mind it now. My hair is also shorter which hurt *first world problems* but I did need a lot of dried straw cut off...I was starting to look a lot like Worzel Gummidge with dreadlocks.

saw 'We Are The In Crowd' at the O2 Academy Islington ...

Lovely gig. Check. Lovely band. Check. Lovely music. Check. 
 *The fact that I'm calling all these things lovely means I was probably far too old to be at this gig in the first place.*

As you can see it's been a bit of a slow week mainly due to the fact that I'm going on holiday THIS friday and I gotta save me some pennies (or just spend them on expensive hairdressers that don't listen to me; either/or!) 

What have you all been up to? Tell all!

Madame Squirrel.

P.S Big fat smoochies and hugs to my lovely new followers...I really don't deserve you!


  1. Ahh I love your t-shirt, it's so cuteee! I bet you're so excited for your holiday! I'm so desperate for a little getaway! xoxo

  2. I didn't know I NEEDED a lucky cat tshirt until I saw yours hah, perfect for exam season to bring me luck! I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award over on my blog by the way (: x