Friday, 13 April 2012

March Madness: What I Bought.

I may have made a few purchases in March. Oops. 


When Claire (@c_sittingpretty) tweeted that there was a 25% dicount code up for grabs for her Sitting Pretty Shop I tweeted her demanding it immediately (ok I didn't demand it, I was very polite actually). I had been looking at these rings with lust in my eyes for a long time and with 25% off I knew I should finally take the plunge and purchase them. 
And here they are in all their glory. 

L-R: No.5 Red Alloy Stone Ring, No. 2 Blue Alloy Stone Ring, No. 12 Green Alloy Stone Ring. All £4.

I love the colours; the green ring really isn't being done much justice in this photo (stupid camera). It's a really lovely dark emerald green not a dull greeny black as it appears here (chucks camera across the room). I really love them and even without the discount they are a really reasonable price (I'm just a cheapskate). 
Claire has lots of other lovely jewellery pieces to share so have a nose at her shop and why not her gorgeous blog while you're at it.

Yes it's an item from Toppers
When I ordered this online I thought it would only be suitable for evening but hurrah it's not! 

Topshop Black Folded Leather Clutch- £48 (sold out online)

I love the leather and suede stripes and it is so big inside, I can fit all my crap in it (not an easy feat for most bags I own) and carry it as a clutch or over my shoulder (I think that's value for money). At £48 it weren't cheap guvnah but I don't care as I'm in love and love ain't cheap.


 Not really very spring time are they; no pastels here, no sir.

I haven't worn the tunic yet as I've read reviews on the Topshop website that it washes really badly and all the beads fall off (great!); therefore it's going to sit in my wardrobe until the right occasion and then I will tenderly wash it like it's a new-born baby.  

L-R Topshop Studded Cross Tunic £32, H&M Collared T-shirt (sold out online), 

Chestnuts And Cedars and I both bought the H&M collared t-shirt at the same time (yes that is a shiny beaded collar...we were like magpies) so there is a chance we may turn up wearing the same thing. Awkward.
Another aztec pattern to add to my wardrobe (stay tuned for a post on all my aztec print clothing). I don't need this skirt as I already have this skirt, but it is so comfy and soft, therefore I bought it and own it.


I took advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 Mix + Match on cosmetics when I was in Milton Keyenes

L-R: Collection 2000 Big Fake Mascara in Ultra Black £4.99,  L'oreal Paris Infalliable Brush Foundation in Porcelain £12.29,  17 Eye Shadow Trio in Barely There £5.49.

I saw the L'oreal Infallible foundation (in the colour Porcelain) on the gorgeous Katie's Beauty Blog when she did this 60's inspired look. It looked so lovely on her skin I decided to try it. 
I have always had trouble with highstreet make-up brands 'paler' items, they always look too orange or yellow on me, which is always a good look for being out in public. 
This is the best cheaper liquid foundation I have ever bought for my skin tone. It blends perfectly due to the attached brush and you don't need to waste any precious foundation as you rotate the brush head to produce as much product as you need. Score! 
Big Fake is a standard in my make-up bag, I always use waterproof mascara due to my leaky eye syndrome (*not a real syndrome) and this does not budge or flake, also it makes my lashes look almost fluttersome instead of short, stubby and broken. 
The 17 eye palette was my 'I didn't realise it was 3 for 2, rush around Boots like a mad woman' buy. I have used the shell coloured shade every single day since I bought it as it's prefect for day time.

I also had a little E.L.F splurge.

L-R Top Row: Contouring Blush And Bronze Compact £3.50, Studio Golden Bronzer £3.50
L-R Bottom Row: Studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium, Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder £3.50

 I highly recommend the contouring blush, bronzing powder and the eyebrow kit. 
I have almost see-through skin; I'm that pale, and the contouring blush and bronzing set should be too dark on me but it's not (whoop!)...I do have to blend, blend, blend though. 
The golden bronze kit is also perfect for my skin tone; I tend to brush it over my cheeks, forehead and down my nose after foundation and concealer and before I use the contour kit. 
The last item I bought from E.L.F was the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. Maybe it's my bathroom lighting or maybe it's just my face but I didn't notice any difference to my eyes at all with this and I don't think my under-eye concealer lasted any longer; it's a good idea but it just didn't work for me.

Wow that was a lot of words to describe the results of my shopping addiction. Sorry.

However if you would like to sponsor my addiction; please check out my eBay stuff ;)

What cheeky purchases have you bought recently? Show me your stash!

Madame Squirrel.


  1. Love the Topshop clutch! I have the L'oreal foundation too, been using it for years and I still go back to it :)

    1. I'm so happy I bought both of them. The foundation is the perfect shade, wish I'd discovered it before! xx