Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report 7

Wow, this is a bit late. Yes, sorry about that. I haven't been feeling like myself recently, but I know it will pass. Self- pitying aside though I did have a lovely week!

Last week I...

watched my cat do this...

I thought cats weren't meant to eat dairy. But then again my cat doesn't realise that he is a cat, so I think that's fine...

was quite happy my cat wasn't around to see this...

Yes that is a blue tit in my living room! My friend suggested that he was a sign from God telling me to stop making a tit of myself; she is quite the stand up comedienne. 

accessorised to the max

I have developed an obsession with mint coloured everything (I'm still looking for the perfect mint jeans). I tried to do space inspired nails...this was the good hand. I also think that everyone will agree that dotty socks are awesome.

received a lovely goody bag from Kleenex which showcases all of their new beauty range. 

Yep that is my tweet in the Kleenex advert in Now Magazine. Quick fact: most of my embarrassing stories do involve pants.

ate food and drank tea (shocker)

How on earth did that picture of sangria get in here?!...I would never drink that during the day while walking round Camden Market (actually I would and did). I also had a lovely lunch with the mothership at The Cape, delicious char sui pork buns at Ping Pong and drank rose tea and ate cherries in the sunshine. 

took a cupcake decorating class with The Cocoa Box

I was very lucky to receive a two hour cupcake lesson for me and one other person as a christmas present last year. The class was really fun, I learnt lots of tips for making the perfect cupcake and I really enjoyed working with sugar paste, something I hadn't really used before. All in all I would definitely recommend cocoa box cupcake classes for any cupcake lovers out there. The Cocoa box also teaches cookie decorating and chocolate making classes just in case cupcakes aren't your thing.

What did you all get up to last week? Anything exciting?

Madame Squirrel.


  1. Blimey! You had a fun week. I ate chocolate cake ... that's it really.

    A blue tit!! In your living room?! That's got to "mean" something. Hmmm, your friend may be right!? Haha!

    Your cupcakes look fabbylicious (yep, it's a real word. In my head) :D xx

    1. It was a fun week...I think the highlight was the cat putting his head in a yoghurt pot though, I'm easily pleased! I like fabbylicious and please don't encourage my friend...but yes she probably is right! He was a cheeky little blue tit he wasn't scared at all. I was quite sad when he flew off xx p.s I'll say it again your chocolate cake looked immense, send me some please!

  2. Whew thats a jam packed week! I just love that pic of your kitty. I do the same thing when I see ice cream.

    1. He is a ridiculous cat, that's for sure. I also do the same with ice-cream/ food in general. Maybe it runs in the family (my cat and I are obviously related) :) x

  3. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  4. New follower! Love your blog =)
    I'd definitely like to try a cupcake class! yours look beautiful!

  5. Pahaha, that tweet that was published is hilarious! It sounds like something I would do. Your cupcakes look delish, I want one! xx

  6. Those cakes look gorgeous, and I'm hungry aswell damnit. Where's my betty crocker mix at?
    And my cat doesn't realise he's a cat either, in fact I think he's a dog.