Sunday, 15 April 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report 6

This week I...

Have been looking after Robo Cat:

The mothership is currently on a cruise with my aunt and nan so I'm looking after the house and all of our animals. As you can see my pets are perfectly normal.

Took pictures of my own face:

(Well hello massive forehead, someone should really get you a fringe)

After my blog wisdom post I've decided to show y'all my attempts at the tutorials I mentioned. Here's a glimpse at my (poor) version of the smokey to follow.

Took my dad to the theatre:

My dad had a big birthday recently (I won't say what birthday it was as I don't want to risk my life) and to celebrate I took him to see Noises Off at the Novello Theatre. For anyone who hasn't seen Noises Off it's a play within a play (playception?) and it is belly shaking funny. I felt a bit sad that the actors in the play that I recognised, I only knew from television or film, yet looking at the programme they had performed in double the amount of plays. I think it's a shame that most actors or actresses are only 'known' from new media opposed to their acting accomplishments within the theatre.

Ate too much food (again):

After seeing Becky's picture of her pancake breakfast on her twitter @lifestyleflash_ the monsieur and I made and ate 6 pancakes...each. I will blame Becky for any obesity which may occur from following her twitter and reading her (very lovely) blog lifestyleflash.

Following the eating of 6 pancakes (I did insist I only ate four but Monsieur Squirrel kindly corrected me) I decided to be really healthy and make dark chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt (recipe to be posted later this week!).

So in one day I had eaten pancakes, made chocolate chip cookies and then I went to consume my weight in sushi. Hi! Sushi at the Camden Lock have a secret menu (it isn't that much of a secret, you just ask for it) where you can eat 'all you can eat' sushi for £16. 
Now the 'all you can eat' sushi concept is common in the United States but I have never seen it here; let's just say I made the most of it as did the Monsieur. 
The only problem with the restaurant was that we were immediately kicked out after we'd paid the bill! I usually wouldn't mind but the people we went with we hardly ever get to see and they are some of our favourite people in the whole world, we were quite affronted to say the least. Still sushi = gooood:

So today I'm not feeling too clever...turns out that eating that much food in one day isn't a good idea. 

If you want to make me feel better (cheeky I know) why not check out my eBay items that end today in under 4 hours (eek)!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and are having an even better weekend!

Madame Squirrel.


  1. All this food looks so good! I've never seen salt on cookies before, I'm intrigued to see the recipe!xxx

    1. I'll be posting the recipe really soon! Just gotta find the time to edit the photos xx