Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cake Painting

Yes cake painting. That's what I like to do now. Much more preferable to painting on canvas as you get to eat it afterwards.

A while back (June 23rd to be precise) I attended a Rose Cake painting class in Berkhamsted by the wonderful Natasha of Nevie Pie Cakes and the blog Amelie's House. Natasha is an incredible artist and baker who uses food colouring to paint masterpieces on her edible items. I hope I didn't come across as too much of a fan girl on the day as I truly admire all of Natasha's work; there is nothing quite like it out there in the world of cake decoration.

The class was incredible and if cake decorating is your thang then I highly recommend it. Natasha had printed out a step by step guide for the cookie toppers and big cake and repeated each step for us on her own fondant before letting us have a go on our fondant cookie toppers and dummy cake. While we all painted away Natasha walked round the room and helped out each classmate individually; if only all teachers were like that.

The class was a lot of fun but it was quite intensive as you are painting all day long and some artistc ability is necessary (not that I have much) to be able to actually paint the designs. Saying all that though I like to think that my efforts weren't too shabby. (I won't put pictures on here of Natasha's original rose cake as then you'll see just how pants my efforts actually are - you'll just have to visit Nevie Pie cakes to have a nose yourselves.)

Rose Cake Decoration

Cookie/ Cupcake Toppers

To find out more about Nevie Pie cake classes please visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter. 

Currently Natasha is offering two basic cake painting classes, a ruffle cake class and the amazing eat your heart out class (where you learn to paint a blackened smokers lung cake; true story). Believe me Nevie Pie cake classes are well worth the money (especially for the tasty spread that Natasha puts on for your included lunch) and are a truly enjoyable day out.

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  1. Wow, these look truly amazing! PS- Dog shaming is hilarious! Our dogs would include 'I'm to proud to squat like a girl dog when I wee so when other dogs are there I find something to lean on to cock my leg!' Note- he only has 3 legs! Following.Rx