Sunday, 11 March 2012

Korres Lip Butters

I suffer from really dry lips (dry skin in general in fact) and I've been looking for a nice lip balm that would moisturise and give some colour without being as high-maintenance as a lipstick, as sticky as a lip gloss or as staining as a lip stain. 

One product that I read about was on the blog gh0stparties; Kate is a beauty guru and she mentioned how much she loves Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter in this post. I was sold, it seemed to be everything I was looking for. I had a little googling sesh and found that the lip butters were generally thought highly of by other bloggers and were rated 4.2 out of 5 on

What really sold them to me was that one of the colours they come in is Jasmine. I have an obsession with jasmine scented products especially this scented candle so I knew I had to try and get my mitts on the Jasmine lip butter. 
I expected the butters to be expensive; for some reason I associated Korres with pricey products but I was wrong! Korres products are affordable and as they try to use only natural and certified organic ingredients, they are a brand I'm looking forward to trying a lot more of. 

The lip butters only retail at £6.00 on and after looking at swatches of the butters on other blogs (just type in 'korres lip butter swatches' into google to have a gander) I decided to purchase Jasmine and Mango

My lip butters arrived on Thursday and I love the simplistic packaging. I'm a weeny bit disappointed that the Jasmine colour doesn't smell at all like Jasmine but I forgive Korres for this as it is really moisturising with a lovely nude sheen. The Mango colour is gorgeous; I love the smell and it produces a smexy hint of coral orange when applied. 

Korres lip butters are made of a combination of shea butter and rice wax and are dermatologically tested as well as being free of mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol and ethanolamine. The other lip butters (which I also have to get my mitts on) are pomegranate, wild rose, guava, plum and quince. 

I hope you enjoyed the story of my foray into lip butters. Does anyone else love Korres? Any suggestions to what other products of theirs I should try? 

Madame Squirrel.


  1. wow! i think that there isn't this mark in my country but i wish to try it. it seems like really good


    1. Try their website they may say where they are stocked in your country! :) xx