Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Stupid Face

I hate that I cannot leave the house without any make-up on. 

If I do, it is likely I will be driving and I will pull the sunshade down so no one can see me. I hate myself for it.

Why does it matter to me that pedestrians or other people driving to work may see my makeup less face; yes it might give them a scare, but it's good to get the ol' adrenaline going in the morning.

Jesting aside, I wish I didn't need to wear make-up. I hate that I feel that if I don't wear it, I will be either judged or ignored. I know I look better with make-up on and I think that's fine if it makes me feel good about myself but I wish it was also fine for me not to wear it.

Now don't get me wrong I am not slandering makeup and all who wear it. I love trying new products and experimenting with different looks and colours (usually when I'm bored and prancing around my room to music - I am that stereotype), I'm just saying if I need to pop to the shops to get some milk, I want to be able to just go, without having to faff about with my face.

*Aside: I really like this makeup brush storage by Liz Marie and I thought this post needed a picture.
Picture from and by Liz Marie Blog

Years ago at school (we're talking around nine years ago now people) I didn't wear mascara one day; bear in mind I had been wearing 'barely there' make-up to school since I was 12.  So many of my classmates said to me that day 'are you ill?' or 'you look really tired' and various other versions of those two sentences. That was it! You will now only find me mascara free if I'm in bed or if I know I can avoid human contact (or mirrors) of any kind!

I have spent years trying treatments that will result in me being able to go makeup free. From eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting to skin laser treatments! And don't even get me started on the amount of products I have tried.

I hate the amount of time I waste putting makeup on. I would love to be able to just get up and go. It takes Monsieur Squirrel 10 minutes to get out the door (if that). Moi? Around 45 minutes to an hour (that's not just putting make-up on but the time would be a lot shorter if I didn't have to wear it all the time).

I know that some girls spend a lot longer on their make-up routine than I do and I wonder if they ever wish they didn't have to. I also am aware that there are far more serious and desperate issues out there than my stupid face, but I think low-self esteem in women is becoming more and more common. Maybe I'm trying to start a naked-face support group or something.

Do other women feel the same way as me? I really hope there are some of you out there.

I hope that some time in the near future I will be able to go out make-up free and feel fine about it or even do the ultimate test: posting a picture of my make-up less face on here. Eek!

Madame Squirrel.


  1. Love your blog :) I feel the same when it comes to make up! Unless I'm going somewhere special I don't really wear much, just a little foundation and a bit of mascara, but I couldn't go out without it. I also get the 'are you feeling OK?' and 'you look a little pale' etc if I do, and end up feeling really self-conscious. I also feel that I look about 15 without any! x

    1. Thanks lovely! I know it's ridiculous how much we have to rely on it. I feel I look about 15 without mine too! I suppose it's just about feeling comfortable in our own skin and not caring what others think that is at the root of it all. Oh well one day hopefully we'll both feel fine going out without any on or with only a little bit :) x

  2. Just found your blog via Honey and Nutmeg! I will never leave the house without mascara! I am very pale and have white-blond hair and eye lashes. Without mascara I look ill and about 15! Even I holiday I will always put my mascara on and use waterproof in the pool :/

    1. I'm sure you look lovely without it, but if it gives you more confidence there's nothing wrong with would just be nice not to have to wear it wouldn't it?
      Thanks for your comment lovely :) xx