Sunday, 11 March 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report

This week I...
Became a blogger:
I still don't really know what this blog is yet or really what I'm doing. For now let's just call it a "lifestyle" blog and see how we go. 

Got confused by the Kony 2012 Video Sensation:
I won't repost it, it's been posted enough. I think it's great that people are raising awareness of important causes and charity work in general. But I'm suspicious of this charity in particular and I believe that people should research things carefully before believing in them.

Watched Wanderlust:
You will soon come to realise that I am a massive Paul Rudd fan. I am so disappointed that Our Idiot Brother didn't make it to the cinema over here, Rudd was incredible in it. Anyway before I go on a rant about Paul Rudd's acting achievements I'll discuss Wanderlust. I didn't get my hopes up too high for Wanderlust due to a mixed bunch of reviews but what a mistake that was as I laughed until I cried; let's just say nude male chasing a reversing car = big laughs.

Ate Tasty Sushi:
After Wanderlust, Monsieur Squirrel and I went to our favourite sushi restaurant in the U.K; Achimi. Seriously good sushi; don't believe my word for it, Heston Blumenthal frequents the place quite a lot and if it's got his stamp of approval you know you're probably onto a good thing. The spicy tuna maki are out of this world nom.

Saw the comics Stuart Laws and Daniel Simonsen preform their preview edinburgh festival comedy shows
These two are amazing comedic performers; I needed a good laugh after locking myself out of the house for four hours (oops) and these two as always did not disappoint. If you are going to the fringe this year look out for their individual shows as they are both a treat you all need! 
Went to my school reunion:
Out of all of my friends who went, I was the least bothered about going but I was the one who ended up crying! It was a very emotional day and I was sad to hear that one of my favourite teachers is going through a very tough time. It's interesting that as an adult I can now see my teachers for the wonderful people they are; it's a bit of a shame really that I spent most of my time at school doing my utmost to challenge their authority.  

Found this Easter Chick:
I'm not going to say what I think it looks like it has, but it made me giggle muchly.

This happened today and I'm planning on settling down tonight with Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate with marshmallows AND whipped cream while I watch Homeland with Monsieur Squirrel and his parents (if you haven't seen Homeland catch up immediately, it is incredible; like 24 but with the best female lead I have ever seen!) 

Picture from Channel 4
What have you been up to this week? Anyone else counting down the days till the next Homeland episode?

Madame Squirrel.

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