Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Making of: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

So I decided to bake the chocolate chip cookie pie from my 'What shall I bake?' post...

And it is good, soooo good. I'm talking treacley, chocolatey and melty. I am slightly euphoric after eating so much, I am just waiting for the sugar crash.
If only the journey in making it was as easy as eating it.

Take 1.

Everything was going right, fine the making of the pie didn't look as gorgeous as Love From The Oven's but every recipe stage looked good enough. Oven 375°F? Check. Ready made pie case? Check. Filling made? Check. Removal of pie case silver foil? Check....that is where I went wrong. I checked on the pie's progress after about 10 minutes of it being oven bound. EPIC FAIL. One side of the pastry case had completely collapsed flooding the oven with cookie filling. It was everywhere...even on the kitchen floor as it had somehow dripped all the way through the oven?!

Take 2.

This time I used ready to roll pastry (Monsieur Squirrel went to three supermarkets to find some; he really is dedicated to my baking), and cooked the pie in a glass pie dish.
It worked. Luckily the pie filling is so easy to make and all I (Monsieur Squirrel) had to find were more chocolate chips so I wasn't too fed up with having to make it again. And the results were sooooo worth it.

The Photographic Evidence:
Foamy Eggs
Dark Chocolate Chips & Honeycomb
Baking Up A Treat
First of many slices;
just perfect with vanilla ice-cream
The Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie from ' Love From The Oven'.

Baking Playlist:

The Same In Any Language: Ruckus

Fallin' And Flyin': Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell

The End: Mayday Parade

What It Is: Mark Knopfler

Airplanes: B.O.B

Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A

Butterflies: Tone Damli

Learning To Fly: Tom Petty


  1. Oh no! Can't believe how wrong it went, looked disastrous but at least it al came together in the end and it looks so TASTY, looking at it first thing sunday morn is definitely not a good idea, making me REALLY hungry!! XX

    1. It was a ridiculous disaster!! But at least I have now learnt never to remove the pie case silver foil! Sorry if it made you hungry...try and make it yourself (disaster aside) it was really easy!! xx

  2. Mmm you are making me very hungry! I have had similar problems with mix spilling everywhere!

    Love your blog so I am a new follower :)

    Karys x

    1. Only just saw your comment here Karys! Thanks for the follow it means so much to me :) x

  3. Wow madame...this looks amazing! I will have to try making a gluten free version of it & let you know how it turns out! Keep sharing the baking it's awesome. Xxx