Sunday, 18 March 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report 2

This week I...
Purchased a few cheeky items:

I met up with an old school friend (she writes this awesome blog: Chestnuts & Cedarsin the lovely city of Reading (that may or may not be written in sarcastic tones; about Reading not my friends blog). We had a lovely time in Primark, well I did; my friend had never been to Primark and was slightly shell-shocked by losing her Primark virginity. She did make a cheeky purchase though so all was not lost. Internet shopping wise I may have purchased this Zara underwear dress.

Picture from

I'm thinking of wearing it with a long black slouchy cardigan which will hopefully detract from the fact it looks like/is underwear!

Received a lot of books:
I decided to have a splurge and buy some of the books that have been sitting in my basket for a long time on I love receiving books, I can't wait to tuck into them (I am aware that they aren't sandwiches). Somebody pointed out that as I have the kindle app, why didn't I just download them. I do like the kindle app. and although I use it for holidays and long journeys I do find that there is nothing better than snuggling up, turning real pages and indulging in the smell of ink on paper. After reading The Tuesday Girl's amazing post '10 things I hate about Kindles' I have a feeling there are a lot of you out there who may agree with me! Books vs E-readers what are your thoughts?

Made Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie:
I made this even though my glands were the size of golf exaggeration; I've been making people feel them all day.(Is that weird?). To see how it went (the pie, not my glands) read my post here.

Visited The Royal Landscape:

Picture from The Royal Landscape of Virginia Water
I took my lovely Mum (or as I call her, Moo) to The Royal Landscape near Windsor. It's Mothers' Day today in the U.K so we went for a walk with our cocker spaniel, Cassie.
Meet Cassie! *insert ridiculous cutesy noises here*

We were lucky, the sun came beaming out just as we started our walk. Lovely! Not so lucky or lovely; my mum got caught short and had to do a wee behind a bush. Random I know but if you know my mum, not uncommon. And she did it on Royal property as well; it is no wonder I turned out how I did! Not that I go around weeing in public or anything... 

Anyway, what was I saying, ah yes; if you haven't been to The Royal Landscape I really recommend it if you're near the Windsor area and like to take in the air (and wee behind bushes). There are so many lovely walks as well as the beautiful Savill Garden and a lovely cafe and gift shop.

As it's Sunday I'm settling down to watch Homeland and as it's a no insertion fee weekend on eBay I've put a few items up on there:

How has everyone's week been?

Madame Squirrel.


  1. i think you can defo get away with the dress as outerware not underware! love it :)

    1. Thanks love! Cannot believe it was only £17.99!? And thanks for having a look see at my blog; really appreciate it :) xx

  2. Hehe it is always a shame not to make a 'cheeky purchase'

    Karys x

    1. So true, gotta love a cheeky purchase now and again :)! xx

    2. Also had to say that I love your blog...especially the name! :) x