Monday, 26 March 2012

Madame Squirrel's Weekly Report 3

Sorry that my weekly report is taking place on a Monday; I was avidly watching eBay last night as the items I sold came to an end...exciting stuff! Anyway here are snippets of what I did last week:

Last week I... *warning an instagram picture heavy post

Took Cassie for a lovely walk and enjoyed the sunshine:

Cassie seemingly breaking the space time warp continuum/
aiming to get me covered in pond water the cheeky pup! 

Bought some beautiful daffs, the epitome of Spring:

Made this recipe: Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the finished dish but it was gone before you could say nom!

Went for a weekend away to Milton Keynes; who knew Milton Keynes could be so exciting!

Monsieur Squirrel and I...

I think the goat and I are getting as much
enjoyment from this as each other.

Pick up a penguin. Don't. It's not allowed.

Drank Tea at Tea Monkey:

If you like tea and live near Milton Keynes
(or London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bath...turns out it's a chain); Tea Monkey is where it's at!
We drank cherry rose tea and rose petal leaf delicious.
We both felt calm and peaceful afterwards.
Monsieur Squirrel did anyway as he'd just had to wrestle me out of H&M
5 minutes beforehand!

Ate and Drank at Turtle Bay :

My mum grew up in Trinidad so we had to try this Caribbean influenced bar and restaurant. The chain (there's also one in Southampton) is owned by a Trinidadian couple so there were lots of delicious Trini influenced recipes on the menu including the most beautiful flaky roti! We may have also made the most of their cocktail happy hour! 

Flew Eagles (yes, eagles!) at The Birds of Prey Centre in the Shuttleworth Estate:

I have a feeling Monsieur Squirrel may lose this staring contest-that's McCoy the Bald Eagle btw!

I also bought a few cheeky purchases again (oops) but I'll do a post about them later this week.

I hope everyone got to enjoy some, if not all, of the lovely weather the U.K's been having.

Madame Squirrel.


  1. Looks like a lovely week! Tea Monkey sounds like a good shout, I'm going to look up the nearest one to me and drag my boyfriend along :)

    1. Tea Monkey is awesome; I don't know how many they have in London but I'm hoping lots! I just wish I could try all the teas but I fear for my bladder if I did. Ew xx

  2. Monkey tea looks like a name to remember, if one is a tea fan :) Love the daffodil picture, so pretty!

    1. Thanks lovely! Gotta love daffodils :) x

  3. such a great post :) seems like you had an amazing week!
    i love penguins :D they're so cute!
    in btw i have to say that your blog is great and i started to follow you, dear!
    maybe you'll have a look on my blog too :))


    1. Absolutely adore your blog hun; followed!! :) xx