Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Animal Printed

Ignoring the glorious weather we've been having; I decided to spend my time indoors rummaging around in my wardrobe (makes sense right?)

I've decided to analyse the inner workings of my wardrobe. I'm hoping to discover what clothes I wear make my friends say 'that is so you' or 'that really looks like you' and then I'll start buying things to really throw them off guard! I'm joking; it would be nice to mix things up a bit though as far as my fashion sense goes. Since I started this blog I've been thinking about what its purpose is (other than meeting and communicating with lovely people and trying to help my memory) and I think it's so I can get to know me a bit better; I've realised that after 24 years I still don't really know who I am.

Part 1: Animals.

I can't resist anything with an animal print. I'm not talking leopard or snake print etc. but actual animals; be it flamingos, ducks, frogs etc. the list goes on and on. I am obsessed. It must be the zoologist in me.

The Evidence:

Exhibit 1) Elephant print blazer from Primark
Exhibit 2) Zebra print blouse H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Exhibit 3) Bunny Skirt from Miss Selfridge
Exhibit 4) Bunny (and top hat!!) print t-shirt from Zara
Exhibit 5) Deer Dress from H&M
Exhibit 6) Deer Print Playsuit from Urban Outfitters
Exhibit 7) Bird blouse from Primark
Exhibit 8) Cat dress from H&M
Exhibit 9) Bunny Dress from Motel
Exhibit 10) Bunny Scarf from Primark
Exhibit 11) Squirrel Dress from Reko for Topshop

It doesn't end there; I'm also craving a number of animal printed items I've drooled over online:

This Boston Terrier print dress from Brat & Suzie which I saw on the wonderful blogs Sitting Pretty and Milk Bubble Tea:

This Daisy Dogs Shirtdress by Topshop: Selling out fast online, if only they had my size:

This Swan Cutout Bralet by Topshop:

This Ladybird Print Scarf from ASOS:

This Stork (at least I think they're storks) Printed Blouse by Zara:

This Insect T-shirt by Zara:

I think we can definitely deduce from this, that something that is 'so me' is wearing animal prints. I hope that makes me 'cute' and 'quirky' but I think it actually makes me a bit odd; I can deal with that :)

What do you all think of animaltastic prints? Yes or no? (warning: if you say no I will cry myself to sleep).

Madame Squirrel.


  1. thank you SO much for following me dear.
    I love these prints, so cute.
    An very cute blogntitle by the way.

    1. You're welcome Laura, thanks for you comment :) x

  2. wooow, nice
    {first i read "thank you so much for following me DEER" hahaha}